Why use Simplx?

Everything is taken care of for you

Upgrades, security, migrations, you name it – we’ll handle it. In the long run, this absolutely winds up saving you time, money, IT resources, and so much more. Spend less time worrying about servers and hacking, and more time running your business.

Top-notch security

We do our best to stay on top of the latest security vulnerabilities and reduce the possibility that your site will be compromised with AI powered application firewalls and trained security researchers. And IF your site is somehow compromised, we’ll fix it for free.

Dedicated blazing fast resources

Unlike typical shared hosting, Simplx provides you with dedicated hardware on world-class cloud provider Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Care plans built in

Simplx hosting includes our care plan service, where we optimize, secure, and update your website based on your needs. Nightly backups, SEO, analytics, content changes and much more included.

No-nonsense billing

Pay a simple flat rate for hosting and personal care on a yearly basis*. At the end of every billing cycle we will analyze your usage and make recommendations on how to make better use of your services.

Care Plan Features:

Daily offsite backups

Every night your website and server is fully backed up to a remote location in case of an emergency.

Security and malware scanning

Daily automated security scans check for malware, blacklists and weaknesses. We work to address any discrepancies found in the report.

Uptime monitoring

Your website is checked every minute by our system to ensure it is online. If your site is offline or is slower than usual, we will immediately be notified and investigate the event.

Managed software updates

We update the software that powers your website for you to ensure no errors occur, thanks to safe update technology.


We setup Google reCAPTCHA on your website to thwart spam, and will purge spam comments if they sneak through the highly advanced filter.

Database optimization

We optimize your website's database to make it as light and responsive as possible, improving performance and saving storage.

content services

Your website gets 30 minutes of service time for content changes, style updates, optimization, or whatever you need. Additional time is charged at a $60/hour rate.

Performance monitoring

Daily automated performance checks scan your websites speed with industry standard Google PageSpeed analysis. If your performance drops, we'll be notified straight away and investigate to solve the incident.

Page speed optimization

We take the insights provided by your daily performance report and get to work on improving speed (counts as service time)

Caching services and CDN

Your website can access state of the art FlyCache technology to reduce size significantly. It will also be fast from all over the world with the Fastly content delivery network (CDN).

Broken link monitor

Link monitor keeps tabs on links and buttons on your website, making sure they never break and never making your visitors frustrated with missing content.

24 hour emergency response SLA

All emergency requests will be responded to within 24 hours, and we will endeavour to solve the issue within this time frame. If the SLA is breached, a one month credit will be provided.

Google Analytics reports

We'll send you a website and sales performance analytics report in addition to your monthly report.

SEO monitoring and competitive analysis

We analyse how your website ranks in search engines and compare it to your competitors.

Web Hosting Features:

Google Cloud Platform hosting

We host on Google's state of the art cloud infrastructure in Sydney.

Renewable Energy match

100% of renewable energy for Google Cloud has been matched since 2017, with future climate goals in mind.

Free SSL Certificate

Keep your visitor's information secure and improve your rankings with a free SSL certificate, powered by Let's Encrypt.